Report: AMA 1/08/2020

CrypCade Entertainment Systems.
2 min readAug 17, 2020


Qiyana | CrypCade: Question 1: Who are Crypcade’s existing partners? Is there some place to go to see a list of all existing Partnerships?

CrypCade Grandmaster: Our current partnerships list is limited to a niche market we will be expanding of course as the coming weeks unfold.
Our only partnership in this moment is with TronGameCenter.
Their chat room can be found here
You may find all new partnerships at the bottom of the main page of

Qiyana | CrypCade: Question 2: Why does the Crypcade Roadmap show Europe Arcade Launching in 3rd quarter but Asia not until 4th? Does this have to do with language barrier or something else?

CrypCade Grandmaster: We have found that since most of our staff is located in Europe , it will make most sense to start at a location easy accessible to the Cade Team and Developers. Once our European operations run smoothly we will expand in the Asian territory. There is a large userbase there than cannot be ignored.

Qiyana | CrypCade: Question 3: Does Crypcade have any plans to sell to XBOX/ Playstation stores in the future, or is the target market just PC and mobile Gaming?

CrypCade Grandmaster: Our CrypCade studios outputs all types of games .
We don’t limit ourselves to one platform when expanding we can output to many forms and pursue the many other alternative platforms available .
In the meantime out main focus is Web and Mobile since we have mass advantage in this area already slowly we will expand to stores such as Stream, Epic store, PS store , Xbox Live etc

Qiyana | CrypCade: Question 4: Will Major C. Cade be the Crypcade Mascot? Will he be integrated in the UI?

CrypCade Grandmaster: In development are a mixture of High Graphic and Low-Res, First Person Shooters, Anti-Grav Racing, Multiplayer mini games 2D-Side scollers and a few more. Entertainment is the key word.

Qiyana | CrypCade: Question 6: when do we expect the first launch of arcade game?

CrypCade Grandmaster: We will see the Arcade very very soon , We want to maximize the impact that can be made by releasing at the perfect time when all things have aligned.
We still have a 6,000,000 TRX event to make for our great community while on boarding a massive user base from Ethereum community.
Lots of work in the pipeline
Very exciting times ahead .

Qiyana | CrypCade: Thank you all for asking such interesting questions and showing genuine interest in what we do ☺️ AMA ends here.

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