How to Play with MATIC on

CrypCade Entertainment Systems.
2 min readNov 28, 2020



First, you need to install TRONLINK in your browser. Our User authenticator is currently the TRON address, which is needed in oder to claim your CADE. More authentication methods will be available with a further update.

Then, you need to setup your MATC/ETH wallet:
1. get Metamask
2. Set Metamask on Ethereum Network
3. go to User Dashboard on
4. Click on Wallets
5. paste your ETH/MATIC address in the field and click ‘Link’
6. sign the link in the pop-up. Your address is now linked.
7. set up Matic Mainnet network in your Metamask as custom RPC. Network details can be found here .
8. Deposit MATIC by clicking DEPOSIT button on
9. Choose a game and Play!!!
10. You can mine CADE by playing games or you can buy a CADEbox from the CADEshop! Some CADEboxes may contain mining multipliers! 🎁

You will need to follow the steps above from a Desktop-PC browser. Once you make your deposit, you can switch to your mobile wallet of choice: TRONLINK PRO, KLEVER etc. by using the same TRON address you linked your eth address to, and play via the wallet’s Dapp Browser. To withdraw, you’d have to go back to your PC browser. Any other function will work via your mobile wallet. Hopefully, wallets that conjoin MATIC NETWORK and TRON NETWORK will be available soon, to ease up this process for mobile users.

❗️Only deposit money via the platform, don’t send money directly to the contract address or you will lose your deposits!
❗️Only deposit MATIC on MATIC MAINNET.