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4 min readDec 16, 2022


Double Protocol partners with Crypcade

NFT rental marketplace Double Protocol has partnered with Crypcade; a functional full-stack open entertainment metaverse on the blockchain — packed with NFT avatars, social interaction, and engaging Play2Earn games. Double Protocol will lead the integration of NFT rental solution for Crypcade NFT Lands and Avatars.

Through this collaboration, Cryptcade NFT lands and Avatars will be made rentable on the Double Protocol NFT rental marketplace. The community will be able to rent, lend and sublet their Crypcade digital assets on Double Protocol. This NFT rental feature is made possible using ERC4907 token standard — an improved extension to ERC721.

By providing a way for users to gain access to these assets through highly affordable rental, Double Protocol lowers the barrier to entry into the Crypcade metaverse by giving everyone a chance to experience the magnificent Crypcade city, enjoy its numerous benefits and also leverage its Play2Earn games.

The virtual world is fast gaining massive adoption and gradually becoming an everyday experience for gamers, entertainers, and general users; while the experience may not be affordable for everyone, Double Protocol NFT rental marketplace is focused on eliminating such barriers and giving everyone a chance to get a foot in the door.

Double Protocol will work closely with Crypcade to complete this integration process in the coming weeks. Kindly follow Double Protocol on Twitter to stay on top of things.

About Double Protocol

Double Protocol is an NFT rental platform developed by the same team behind ERC-4907. Double Protocol enables the lending and renting of in-game and in-metaverse NFTs. The protocol is on a mission to deliver a revolutionary NFT rental platform that seamlessly connects NFT owners to prospective NFT renters who wish to leverage these assets for a limited time.

By deploying ERC-4907, Double Protocol is unique in its rental approach by ensuring that NFT ownership rights are separated from usage rights. This concept addresses the challenges associated with some rental services and distinguishes Double Protocol from other rental protocols.

In addition to the existing core products, Double Protocol also offers Web3 Domain Subscription. This service enables ENS domain holders to list and monetize their ENS names by letting other users subscribe to a subdomain name for an agreed fee for a specific period.

Double Protocol is backed by well-known partners and industry heavyweights, including Matrixport, Shima Capital, Youbi Capital, LucidBlue Ventures, Red Building Capital, Capital 6 Eagle, and Plancker DAO, Steve Guo from Loopring, Tony Gu from NGC Ventures, and Mr. Block.

About Crypcade

Introducing rentable office spaces inside the metaverse, projects and business alike can rent their own space inside the CrypCade Metaverse via their assigned NFTs that will grant access to a dedicated office space that can be used to hold meetings, events, amas for projects and granting their users a space inside a virtual world.

Virtual AMA rooms:

Crypcade is pioneering the way and creating a Virtual AMA room dedicated to providing an immersive experience inside the metaverse where anyone can rent the space out and allow their amas to be broadcast to their audience, interact with participants in a hosted session, allow for users to interact and ask questions.

Crypcade is a functional full-stack open entertainment metaverse on the blockchain; enters a world of spectacular graphics, fully functional NFTs, social interaction, and engaging Play2Earn games. Users can begin their journey in the metaverse, explore the city blocks, interact with NPCs, drive cars, and enter unique buildings. Multiplayer, jetpacks, and other amazing stuff planned for the future.

Avatars: Users in the Crypcade can also own a realistic 3D avatar as an NFT. Pick between hundreds of unique characters, factions, and rarity levels. Every character NFT has a 1:1 avatar correspondent in the metaverse — you won’t find this anywhere else! You will be able to customise your character with custom clothing, accessories, weapons and once you are ready, you can mint this character and have your 1:1 NFT that you own to rent/sell as you wish.

Lands: You can purchase land plots and apartments in CrypCade City. Both types of real estate are limited in numbers and their scarcity makes them a very smart investment. You can own a small or medium-sized apartment or a luxurious penthouse. In the future, you will be able to rent and monetize your property and generate passive income. Like the characters you will be able to customise these apartments and mint them making them also 1:1 NFTs.

Crypcade also features Vehicle NFTs and Crypcade Keys that plays important roles in the metaverse as it expands from sector 1 through to sector 7, these Keys will become a rarity that will grant the holders special privileges and benefits.

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