CrypCade: Next Gen Entertainment Ecosystem

CrypCade Entertainment Systems.
3 min readDec 20, 2021


As we embark on a new journey for 2022, one with a bigger vision, we invite all Caders to join us on our mission. 2022 will be a big year for our Next Generation Entertainment Ecosystem.

The Vision 2.0

Over the last couple of years, our knowledge and understanding of the entertainment experience has grown massively. Now, we embark on an adventure filled with more challenges, testing and pushing the limits of the entertainment within the crypto space.

In order to make this adventure happen, temporarily pausing the trading of the CADE (BEP20) token is a step that’s needed to be taken. This immediate action will allow us to move forward with the integration of our fresh ideas and allows us to onboard potential VCs, game partners and partner dapps. Development of the ecosystem will be propelled during this period.

Q1 of 2022 will make room for a new generation of entertainment ecosystem we wish to share with you and a metaverse for the WEB 3.0 economy. We aim to become one of the biggest metaverses in crypto.

Check out what we aim to to achieve in the coming Q1 2022.

Voting privileges have long been on our list of goals for the ecosystem. The new year will allow us to become the first metaverse with a DAO structure. Rank-eligible users will be able to make propositions and cast votes in order to grow the ecosystem.

CrypCade Ecosystem Development Fund : will be initiated, allowing small game developers to build products within the CrypCade Ecosystem, thus making CrypCade a masterhub for entertainment ecosystems.

Within the Metaverse, partner dapps or crypto projects will be able to co-build their own dapps and CrypCade users will be able to play their favourite games using the ecosystem’s native token.

CrypCade Clubhouse will provide communities with virtual spaces inside the metaverse and membership benefits. Hosting of various events in these rooms will be possible.

CrypCade Marketplace will be a dedicated space in the metaverse for anyone who desires to sell their NFTs and other such merchandise.

CrypCade Predicverse will provide thrill-seeking users with the opportunity to predict the results of eSports matches, elections, sport matches and other such events, for which the winners will be rewarded.

The CrypCade City :

Created from different districts, with each district being a different atmosphere. You can walk, drive or even fly to the next districts .

Introducing iCADE

One token to rule them all: iCADE will be the token the entire ecosystem will be driven by, an interoperable CADE that enables cross-chain transfers of blockchain assets and data transfers between blockchains.
All currently existing CADE (on Tron or BSC) will be able to be swapped to the one token economy. Swap details will be provided shortly. All participants in the swap will be rewarded in iCADE.

See you in CrypCade City, Caders!