CrypCade Monthly Newsletter Update: October

CrypCade Entertainment Systems.
6 min readOct 11, 2022


CrypCade Champions,

Thank you for your continued patience during these turbulent times.
We have been busy working and would like to provide you all with an update on the inner development during the month of September.

In this update we will go over:

  • TGE & Listing
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Partnerships
  • NFTs
  • Events
  • Q4 Roadmap

TGE & Listing:
This is a topic that has been thoroughly discussed on a regular basis within the team and with advisors as well as market makers and exchanges. We had IDOS in August with Launchpads some having great success and selling out. Usually TGE would follow shortly after a Launchpad has completed their IDOs however we are in an ever changing industry and the environment changes as the landscape evolves. Being able to adapt to the harshness of these changes are imperative for the longevity and success of a project.

The community of these Launchpads have been very patient with us, as have the Launchpads themselves and we are very appreciative of this. As you are all aware the Launchpads have recently announced refund policies to protect the communities investments. This is an excellent idea and we support it 100%. However because of this we have had to revise the TGE and Listing strategy for the release of the CrypCade Metaverse, the Beta is available to download at but the full launch and listing is officially delayed with the date TDB.

We are keeping communications open with several exchanges, we have confirmed listing but not yet confirmed and finalised the date. We will be listing on known exchanges, there are several we have commitments with but in which order is TBA. Listing during such a volatile market with varying sentiment is not an option as we have been watching projects launch and some triggering their refund policies. We feel allowing for communities and Launchpads to refund due to non TGE is a better option than refunding due to failing the conditions of the refund policies after listing. This way we can perform another IDO with the launchpads closer to the known listing date.

Further to this there will be no more updates on listing until later in the month of October, we will continue to watch and monitor the market and if things change we will update sooner.

The CrypCade Metaverse is an open development meaning there is no end point, the development is ongoing and the team strive to add additional elements, fine tune graphics and optimisation, build new sectors, add and integrate new projects and partners, the list goes on. We will be releasing monthly updates and weekly reports as much as possible to keep the community up to date on how things are progressing.
Recently the team has been working on:

  • Optimising Performance and Gameplay
  • Creating the mechanics behind the Gaming Economics
  • Creation of new buildings for new partners
  • Expansion of Sector one in both vertical and horizontal planes
  • Creation of new assets and testing of functionality in the metaverse
  • Connecting with new partners for added utility and functionality in the development TBA later
  • Adding additional support for more blockchains for interoperable compatibility
  • Implementation and additional user retention based models introduced to increase the screen time and potential user acquisition
  • Sector 2 Build is progressing

We will endeavour to do weekly updates and a more detailed monthly update from here on in.

As mentioned earlier TGE and Listing have been postponed, we have also suspended marketing during the market uncertainty as we feel that marketing will yield little benefit to the project during this time. Instead we have been speaking to growth matter experts and advisors to seek advice and direction to focus on growing the community and users.

This will be rolled out over the next few weeks in split A/B Testing spread over numerous platforms so we can analyse the data and make preparations for when marketing is resumed. We feel this is the better course of action in the current climate and will help us identify what fits the project best in terms of marketability. We are also active in finding new parters to utilise their resources and connections for when we can push to market.

Due to the nature of the project we will always be looking for new partners and additions to add to our network, this will come in many forms. Business integration or collaborations will be used to grow our community and bring in new users to the platform. We hope to see an abundance of projects and businesses partnering and collaborating with Crypcade to help grow the platform to be the fully immersive experience we aim to deliver.
We have onboard both Crypto and Retail businesses in this past month and their integration process has already begun. From being able to purchase digital and physical goods, to rental and lending of assets, community based projects and more to come.

The NFTs have also been effected by the TGE and Listings delay, we are currently reassessing the mechanics behind how the NFTs will interact within the metaverse. Not just for Crypcade NFTs but also for onboard partner projects and businesses who look to onboard their NFTs also.

The Crypcade keys remain the main NFT of the CrypCade Metaverse and can still be purchased HERE though for now they don’t have enabled utility other than the access pass for future utility. We originally planned to have 777 keys per sector but have now decided that we will limit it to 777 in total cutting the Total supply down to 777 for the entirety of the project. No more keys will be created after this collection.

An update later this month will be given for the NFTs (Characters, Vehicles, In Game Assets, etc) As the mechanics are in review and currently being discussed.

We have been seeing more and more success from the events and though we have not been able to make many appearances and have public presence at them we have started to scope them out. Having a member at the Australian Convention in September, and a member at Token2049 in Singapore. We have a team member still in Singapore in meetings with potential partners as well as Melbourne in Australia.

We are looking at making more of a public appearance in 2023 but are looking to be present for events through out the remainder of 2022. Europe, Dubai and Asia being the primary focus. If you have an event you think we should look at please let us know on one of our social channels.

Q4 Roadmap:
Unfortunately like many projects we to have had to make changes to our Roadmap, we are technically ahead in terms of development but due to market conditions, contractual deals with partners, overall market sentiment and delays that are out of our control. The entire Roadmap not just Q4 will be revised and released.

The entire team are discussing with partnering projects and advisors about the best course of action to take with the Roadmap, please understand a roadmap is not a a fixed schedule but more of a goal and circumstances can create conflicts with timelines. We feel that the Roadmap no longer aligns with the proposed marketing strategy that is being put together and will be reviewed, reaccessed and reinstated.

We understand and apologise for the inconvenience and realise some will be upset but the longevity and growth of the project takes precedence and we must ensure that the long term goal is achieved.

This may not have been the update that you were all hoping for but we do appreciate your patience with us.

Key take away from this update:

  • TGE and Listing delayed TBD
  • NFTs being reaccessed to create better utility
  • Marketing strategy being revised
  • Roadmap to be redone to suit new Marketing strategy
  • Ongoing partnerships are being created and signed
  • Development is ongoing
  • Team presence and focus on community growth to be implemented