CrypCade.City INO Sale.

CrypCade Entertainment Systems.
4 min readJun 30, 2022


MetaVerse Initial NFT Offering ( INO)

We, at CrypCade Studios present to you NFTs that have “actual” use-case.

ALL NFTs are usable within the MetaVerse!

Types of NFT:

10,000 Character NFTs that can be used for socializing and PLAY 2 EARN

1,000 Real Estate NFTs that you can own, visit or rent.

1,000 Vehicle NFTs which you can drive in the city or on the race track , and YES THEY ALL FLY !!!

Lets Jump right into the Character NFTs in this article .


5 rarity categories:

Common — 6400

Rare — 2880

Epic — 640

Legendary — 64

Exclusive — 16

Shadow Faction
The mysterious Shadows have never been completely documented. Their origins are unknown and their elusive nature and abilities are shrouded in mystery. They rank among the most respected (and feared) citizens of CrypCade City.

Android Faction
The androids have surpassed their role as servants for the humans. They are now a proud and cohesive faction, the pinnacle of sentient AI. Androids stand out with their imposing appearance and enhanced skills.

Metahuman Faction
Combining the creativity and resolve of humans and the enhanced physical attributes of robots, the metahumans represent a powerful clan in CrypCade City. Many earthlings aspire to become metahumans and posses unrivaled skills and abilities.

Terran Faction
The original inhabitants of Earth represent one of the main factions in CrypCade City. Through sheer will and exercise they have acquired attributes that make them rival any of the other clans. The Terrans remain a bastion of pure human nature in a world of cybernetic and robotic enhancements.

Outworld Faction
These enigmatic visitors from the Andromeda Nebula now form a united community in the CrypCade universe. Each Outworlder impresses with their unique appearance and superior set of attributes.

SALE of Character NFTs will be commencing as of today 30th JUNE

There will be multiple Launchpads to get your NFT from which will be announced as they are confirmed.

The 1st INO sale will begin at 12:00 UTC on 30th June at :

Only a limited amount will be sold .

Price 0.25BNB

About Babylons

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About CrypCade

The CrypCade City Metaverse is separated into 7 sectors;

Crypcade City: Created as different districts with each district having a different atmosphere one can walk, drive or even fly to the next districts. Purchase Plots as NFT and Owner of NFT earn Monthly Income generated from the plot.

CrypArcade : An Arcade consists of various PVE/PVP Games and also people take part in gaming tournaments. Various other games can come inside the Metaverse to give their users Metaverse Gaming experience.

DAO Feature: First Metaverse with DAO Governance in place for eligible token holders to have voting privileges to take important decisions on Crypcade ecosystem.

Development Fund: This fund supports developers to build Engaging games and entertainment Dapp on the CrypCade ecosystem.

CrypCade Clubhouse: provides Influencers, Celebrities and communities with virtual spaces inside the Metaverse with membership benefits.

CrypCade Gallery- Virtual Gallery Marketplace for artists, Creators, influencers, celebrities or anyone to sell their NFT’s and Merchandise and to give immersive buying experience.

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